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GamingMalt is gamer’s hub where we review best gaming products like, gaming processor, gaming keyboards, gaming mouse and much more products. We are helping gamer’s to buy best products. The Example article are below,

Best Gaming Chair 2018

Scholarship Info:

GamingMalt is giving out $2500 scholarship to students from all over the world. This scholarship is part of our Gamer’s Spot program. If you don’t know about our Gamer’s Spot please visit this section for more information.

Requirement For Scholarship:

Are you ready to get $2500 scholarship? Here’s what you need to do:

  • 500 words article on ” Gamer’s Killing The Stereotypes “. In your article we want to see how gamer’s are killing odd job’s, negative thinking and much more.
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Important Notes:

  • Application is totally free and open to all students (World Wide).
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Application Deadline:

Start Date : 28 February 2018

End Date : 2 June 2018

Announcing Date : 5 June 2018