Is Stardew Valley Cross-Platform? 

For gamers who enjoy the rustic charm of farming sims, “Stardew Valley” has become a staple in their digital collection. Developed by ConcernedApe, this indie darling not only offers a serene escape into virtual farming, fishing, and foraging, but also the opportunity to share that experience with friends. One of the most common questions asked by potential players is: “Is Stardew Valley cross-platform?” Let’s delve into this query to provide clarity and current information.

Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Capability

Stardew Valley offers a delightful multiplayer experience where players can farm together, share resources, and even marry each other in-game. Multiplayer was introduced to Stardew Valley in 2018, significantly expanding the game’s appeal.

Cross-Platform Support in Stardew Valley

As of the latest updates, Stardew Valley supports limited cross-platform play. Here’s what you need to know about the cross-platform capabilities across various devices:

  • PC and Console Compatibility: Stardew Valley does not support cross-platform play between PC and consoles. This means that PC players cannot join a game with those on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

  • Within Console Families: For console players, there is some good news. Players on different models within the same console family can play together. For instance, Xbox One players can join games with those on Xbox Series X/S, and PS4 players can connect with those on PS5. However, cross-platform play across different console brands (e.g., Xbox to PlayStation) is not supported.

  • Mobile Platforms: Stardew Valley is also available on mobile platforms (iOS and Android), but these versions do not support multiplayer features at all, let alone cross-platform play.


While Stardew Valley offers a fantastic multiplayer experience within certain limitations, it does not fully support cross-platform play across all devices. Players looking to enjoy Stardew Valley with friends will need to coordinate on compatible platforms. Despite this limitation, the game remains a beloved gem in the gaming community, praised for its depth, charm, and the relaxing escape it offers from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

For those who enjoy farming with friends, checking platform compatibility before diving in will ensure the best multiplayer experience. As we look forward, let’s remain optimistic about the potential for more inclusive multiplayer options in the updates that may lie ahead for Stardew Valley.

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