About Us

Story :

” GamingMalt ” is Born in 2018. The idea comes when our company building gaming setup for their employees. So we face many difficulties like ” Which GPU is best? , Which Motherboard is Best? ” and so on. So after the 3 weeks of struggle we successfully build a gaming room in which 10 gaming desktop, 1 NAS Server, 2 XBOX setup. While building a gaming room our core team realize that we face similar problems that every person in the world who love’s tech or Gaming face the problems.

After building a gaming room our company decided that we will build a website where we Research about all the gaming product and then review it in our gaming lab and then we publish that content on GamingMalt.

How We Work:

Our Content Researcher team spend countless hours for searching content that suit your budget. After Content Researcher team give all the content to Content Writer Team, The writer test all the Products in our gaming lab and then review it and write it. After successful publish user can read our article and buy what they want.

Team :

Now we have a 3 Content Researcher , 2 Content Writer and 3 Internet Marketing Expert & Yeah we are all Gamer’s

Contact Us :

You can contact us via our contact page.